3 Dean Street                                                    Mad Oyster Studios

Belmont, MA 02478                                           2 Bradley Street

                                                                          Somerville, MA 02144                                    617-388-5939

1989-1991 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA    
1985-1989 Charles River Studio/Workshops, Watertown, MA 
1984-1985 DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA 
1972  M.S.S.S., Boston University School of Social Work, Boston, MA   
1968  BA, College of Liberal Arts, Boston University, Boston, MA                                               1963-1965 Brown University, Providence, RI.

2011  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
2010 -SCAT Gallery, Somerville, MA
2007  -Soprafina Gallery, Boston, ME (two person)
          -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME 
2006  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
2005  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
          -Soprafina Gallery, Boston, MA (two person)
2004  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME                                                                                          2003  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill,
	 -Soprafina Gallery, Somerville, MA (two person)
2001  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
2000  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
1999  -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME 
	 -Christopher’s Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
	  -Salamanders, Cambridge, MA 
1998   -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
	  -Cambridge Common, Cambridge, MA
	  -Inform, Inc., New York, NY
1997   -University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA (two person)
1996   -Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA
1995   -Christopher’s Restaurant, Cambridge, MA
	 -Kendall Center for the Arts, Belmont, MA
1992   -Kent Place Gallery, Summit, NJ
1990   -Dudley House, Harvard University

2013    -”SECRETS”, CAA, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA
            -Soprafina, Boston, MA
            -Littlefield Gallery, Winter Harbor.ME
2011    -”Lost and Found”, Gallery @Spencer Lofts, Chelsea, MA
            - Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
2010   -66th Annual Member’s Prize show, CAA Cambridge, MA, juried by Arthur  Dion of Gallery Naga                 
           -BLUE, CAA, Cambridge, MA
           -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
           -Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA
2009   -Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
           -Somerville Museum
2008   -“SHAPE”, CAA, Kathyrn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA
           - Leighton Gallery, Blue Hill, ME
           -Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA
2007   -“RED”, CAA, University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA
           - Soprafina, Boston, MA
           -Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA
2005   -Soprafina, Boston, MA
           -National Prize Show, CAA, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA  
           -Somerville Museum. Somerville, MA
2004   -Red Door Gallery, Dover, MA
	-National Prize Show, CAA, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA
	-Soprafina Gallery, Boston, MA
	-ARTcetera, Boston, MA
	-Somerville Museum, Somerville, MA
2003   -Red Door Gallery, Dover, MA
           -Soprafina Gallery, Somerville, MA
           -Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Juried by Jim Smith of Clifford-Smith Gallery
2002   -New England Biolabs, Beverly, MA (two person show)
2001   -Boston Public Library, Allston, MA
2000   -Randolph Associates Fine Arts, Belmont, MA
1999   -Gibbs Gallery, Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington, MA  
           -Lowell Street Gallery, Juried by Gerry Bergstein, Faculty at SMFA  
1998   -Lowell Street Gallery, Cambridge, MA
	  -Lambert Gallery, Hanover, MA 
           - Whistler House Museum of Art, Lowell, MA
1997   -Lowell Street Gallery, Cambridge, MA Juried by Katrina Carye
           -University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA. Juried two person show. 
           -Lowell Street Gallery, Juried by Deborah Cornell and Marjorie Javan
	  -DeCordova Museum School Gallery, Lincoln, MA (Two juried shows)
 1996  -Painting and Sculpture 1996. Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA  
   Juried by Nicholas Capasso, Curator of Decordova Museum
	-Metaphor for the 20th Century”, Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI
	-Annual Prize Show, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA. Carl Belz,
	-Director of the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
1995	 -Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA                                             
           -Ogunquit Museum of American Art, Ogunquit, ME 
           -Kent Place Gallery, Summit, NJ
	-Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI 
-Women in the Visual Arts in 1995, Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, C’T
1994   -Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA					
           -Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI
-Women’s Caucus for Art, Cambridge, MA
- Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT. Juried by Lisa Messinger of the ME
1993   -“Art for Aids Sake”, Peoples Bank Building, Worcester, MA
-Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery, Boston, MA
-Katz and Dawgs Gallery,  Columbus, OH
1991   -Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI
 -The NewtonArts Center, Newton,MA
 -University Place Gallery,  Cambridge, MA 

2010  Somerville News, “Your Art at SCAT”, July 2
          SCAT TV interview with Janet Cormier
2004  Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show, Catalogue
	ARTectera, Catalogue      
1999  Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show, Catalogue
Belmont Citizen Herald, March17
1998  The Haverill Gazette, March 19; The Sun, Lowell, MA, March 8
1997  Belmont Citizen Herald,  January 2
1995 “Mainescapes: Women Artists,1900-1995” Ogunquit Museum of American Art,   	Ogunquit,ME
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1994  Belmont Citizen Herald, March 17
1999   -First Prize, National Prize Show. Federal Reserve Bank Gallery, Boston, MA. Juried
            by Peter Rathbone, Director of American paintings and Vice President, Sotheby’s,  
            NY; Eliza Rathbone, Chief Curator, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC; Belinda
            Rathbone,photography historian and author.

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS:  Northeast, West and United Kingdom